Waldorf Residence2011

New York, NY2,100 sf

Located near Sutton Place, this three bedroom apartment was designed for an internationally renowned
dermatologist with an appreciation for art, light, and openness. Unique to this project was the owner’s wish to incorporate her mother’s art, and her desire to maintain a home office that could at times be opened to the rest of the apartment, and be closed when entertaining her guests.

The mother’s paintings and drawings were the inspiration for the apartment. Dispersed throughout the living room, dining room, and master bedroom, they add a sense of history to the otherwise contemporary apartment. Second to the mother’s artwork was a desire to create a peaceful surrounding with a hint of orientalism, organic materials, and color, representing nature. A custom Red Egg carpet joins together the living and dining room with a lotus flower pattern on blue, representing water. This piece introduces a sense of serenity. Colors picked from the carpet were used to frame the artwork and tie together the furniture in each room. The living room contains a custom oak veneered couch, designed by the architect for DellaRobbia. Custom designed pedestals built by Red Egg display sculpture in both the entry foyer and living room.

In the master bedroom, Maltz used the same oak seen in the platform of the living room couch and dining table for the custom designed bedroom set, comprised of a nightstand, dresser, and daybed. The second bedroom functions as a guest room with a media cabinet customized from Ikea to be built in. Above the American Leather couch are two Agam paintings.

What was once a servant’s room became a home office. When home alone, the owner desired to work in a loft-like environment wherein she could have multiple views and vistas. At other times, when she wanted to hide the clutter of her desk while entertaining, she could quickly transform the space with sliding glass doors that would glow alight with translucent frosted glass by Raumplus. The flexible sliding glass doors can be placed in multiple positions depending on the formality of the situation desired.