Nomadic Museum2005

New York, NY45000 sf

The Nomadic Museum was a temporary structure housing Ashes and Snow, an exhibition of large-scale photographic works by artist Gregory Colbert. It was built, initially, on pier 54 in New York City and open in 2005. The pier is located on the Westside Highway at 14th street and is part of the five-mile-long public Hudson River Park. The 67 feet wide and 672 feet long museum provided a transitory environment that evoked the journey of the exhibition and physically framed the artists work within the context of conservation. The structural walls were comprised of twenty-foot long steel cargo containers, which, when stacked and secured, create a rigid columnar structure of steel. Architectural membrane filled the opening between the containers. The roof was made of paper tube columns and trusses that span the width of the exhibition space. The simple triangular gable design of the roof structure and the ceremonial columnar interior walkway of the museum eco the atmosphere of a classical church. The central walkway is bordered on either side by bays filled with river stones over which the art work hang in suspension between paper tube columns. The wooden walkway is composed of recycled scaffolding planks.