Forest Park Pavilion2006

St. Louis, MO5000 sf

The Forest Park Pavilion in St. Louis will provide a place that is unique, functional, and integrate into the existing context. Varying in height from 13 to 25 feet, this single story structure is comprised of a deck, columns, and a reciprocal grid shell covered with a translucent waterproof membrane. Uncommon as a structure, the reciprocal grid shell roof utilizes the best in computer technology, as well as a newly engineered bamboo lumber, to create a fluid and organic form while incorporating sustainable design principles. The roof hovers like a floating cloud aloft tree-like columns. The programmatic use of the pavilion is flexible and will serve a range of recreational and educational uses. Seminars can be given on topics relevant to Forest Park, ecology, and the ecosystem in a semi-sheltered environment, protected from the sun and inclement weather.