WTC Design Competition2002

New York, NY

The moral obligation in rebuilding Ground Zero is not only to remember those who perished, but also to make their memory the inspiration for a better future. Finding the proper balance between the two main objectives of the project—Remembrance and Redevelopment—will ensure the vibrant renewal of Lower Manhattan. After the destruction of Mini Yamasaki Twin Towers the Team was asked to rebuild on the site to replace the old monument with a new monument. Team THINK explored the challenges of the project by presenting distinct ideas that correspond to different magnitudes of investment in the public realm, the World Cultural Center, The Great Hall, and The Sky Park. On the 13 acre site 8.5 million SF of office space and 1.0 million SF retail space, a memorial, 9/11 Interpretive Museum, Performing Art Center, International Conference Center, and an amphitheater were incorporated to create a New World Trade Center.
Team THINK includes:
Shigeru Ban + Dean Maltz
Frederic Schwartz
Ken Smith
Rafael Vinoly