Esquire Downtown2005

New York, NY300 sf

Each year Esquire Magazine invites top architects and designers to participate in the design of ultimate bachelor pad. This year they chose the 16th floor of the curving glass Astor Place building, New York’s newest luxury living destination. Dean Maltz was parried up with sponsor Saturn to design the Gallery, Travelogue Room, ad Relaxarium. Visitors to Esquire Downtown enter via the Gallery, a sleek hall lined with five lenticular images of American Landscapes that change to blue skies as one passes by. On the opposite wall sits the Moon Collection and custom terrazzo topped console. A runner made of red leather from the new Saturn Sky roadster provides a splash of color. Located at either end of the Gallery, the Relaxarium and Travelogue Room give the impression of the journey across the Great American landscape.
The Travelogue Room represents the travels of “the Ultimate Bachelor”. The walls are covered by a large United States map with the journey demarcated by a thin red ribbon running from location to location. Postcards and photographs add to the character of the space. A large television displays a “slideshow” of American landmarks. The Relaxarium embraces the idea of sky and the open road. Rich blue skies from the walls while mechanical birds on pewter perches add to the sensory experience.