Schmidt House2005

New York, NY7000 sf

The Schmidt House, located at 39 E. 63rd Street, is a five-story brownstone that was totally renovated both on the interior and exterior to meet the needs of a contemporary family living while adhering to the guidelines provided by the Landmarks Commission of New York City. The house and its façade were originally designed in 1882 as one of a series of townhouses on 63rd Street, and later renovated by the master traditional architect Mott B. Schmidt in 1919. The American Georgian style, common of Schmidt’s classic works, is what remains today.
Our intention was to restore the elegance and grace of the original Schmidt façade while updating the chosen materials and house interior to a more contemporary convention. We executed the project in a way that not only improves the quality and appearance of the existing façade, but fosters respect for an architect whose cherished legacy continues to this day.
The original façade, as renovated by Mott Schmidt, was stucco over existing brick. Our challenge was to keep the original design integrity of the façade while aligning new floor levels with neighboring buildings. The intention was to create the possibility of combining the two adjacent townhouses to the west into a single 21,000 square foot building. The design of the facade not only creates continuity with the two buildings on its left, but also integrates them visually. The original façade was torn down and replaced with limestone, creating continuity at the lower level with the adjacent brick and limestone buildings. All the original Mott Schmidt details and proportions were carefully studied and integrated into the final design.