Grace Estates1992

Easthampton, NY3500 sf

The client sought the romance of a nineteenth century country house (like the one featured in the film Howard’s End) yet wanted to enjoy all of the conveniences and advantages of urban living. To create this, the client’s passion for the English country house was combined with the modernity and fluidity of a modern loft. The house itself is situated on a dramatically sloping landscape at a waterfront edge. Traditional house elements—pitched roofs and vaulted ceiling—powerfully recreate bright, large-scale county spaces within a clean, modern context. Living and dining rooms are oriented west to capture views of Long Island Sound and its spectacular sunsets. Meanwhile, rich time-tested materials such as cherry wood plank floors and cedar for the deck, shakes and boards retain old world intimacy and warmth, all without sacrificing easy maintenance. Carefully-considered detailing bridges the past and present. Huge expanses of glass, hand-ragged paint finishes, and the best of vernacular design define this space.