Orange County Museum and2006
Luxury Condominium Tower

Los Angeles, California82000 sf

The design fully employs the favorable climate of southern California: It utilizes the abundant sunlight for day-lighting and takes advantage of the comfortable stable annual temperature. It creates an architectural environment that minimizes energy consumption.
The most challenging feature of this site is a high-rise building which casts a shadow over the museum for the majority of the day, leaving it without direct natural light. Moreover, the high-rise can potentially block natural light and disrupt the view of the inhabitants of the new Condominium. As a solution, to ensure natural lighting and maximize views, the Condominium Tower is placed along the north edge of the site. By utilizing the fa├žade of the tall Condominium as a large reflector, direct natural light can be redirected onto the roof of the museum without creating any shadows throughout the course of the day.