Boomerang House2005

Shelter Island, NY

The Boomerang House is a low-lying one story 3,650 sf residence sited to take advantage of the spectacular views of West Neck Harbor. It is shaped like a compressed boomerang in flight with North and South wings of the house forming a courtyard with a reflection pool. The roof in section is shaped like an air foil bulging out at the middle and tapering towards the ends. The roof is configured structurally as an airplane wing with spars and ribs. The interior linear space is defined by floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a pristine white ceiling; the space is elongated, fluid, and expansive as one moves from the foyer to the living room. Above, the kitchen, a cockpit-like room, provides an expansive 180 degree view. The roof rests on four concrete cores, containing essential functions: kitchen bathroom and storage. Spanning from one core to the next, and cantilevers at the ends, the roof allows the space below to be free and open to the landscape.