Boutique Hotel2008

New York, NY63000 sf

The Hotel consists of 72 rooms varying in size and design. It is a 9 story building with two lower levels, designed with a Japanese theme in its program, spatial concept and material selection. The Ground Floor and Basement levels are for public hotel amenities. Hotel amenities include a Sake Bar and Restaurant at the Entry, and a Japanese themed Spa in the Lower Level. The Spa design includes a Pool, Multi-temperature Baths, Sauna and a Hammam. Melting both Japanese and Western influences, some rooms are designed in a Western style while others are designed in a Japanese style. Japanese styled rooms feature integrated bathing, seating and sleeping areas with private gardens and fireplaces. Japanese hinoki tubs, set into lounge platforms, are used for private relaxation and social gatherings.
The glass West Façade provides views to the Hudson River. The South Façade blends contextually to neighboring buildings by creating a vertical fabric cloak with openings cut into it, aligning it with the adjacent building windows to the east. Behind the fabric, gardens of tall grasses are visibly swaying as shadows, creating an intermediate space between the hotel rooms and the outside. The rear, North Facade incorporates vertical hanging gardens which act as a green screen wall, creating privacy and inviting solace in this very busy part of Manhattan.