SC Johnson Project Honor2006

Racine, Wisconsin40000 sf

Project Honor is a design for SC Johnson’s new Visitor Center and Corporate Facilities at their headquarter in Racine, Wisconsin, the Frank Lloyd Wright Johnson Wax Building designed in 1936. The new building emphasizes the symmetrical axis created by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Administration Building and Research Tower, while integrating key existing campus buildings into one unified design.
The facility is comprised of two major elements: an all-glass-domed Carnauba Pavilion and an orthogonal Dendriform Pavilion. The Carnauba Pavilion commemorates and celebrates Herbert Johnson’s 1935 Carnauba Expedition and Flight to Brazil in a Sikorsky S-38 airplane to find the “world’s finest wax”. It houses an additional Exhibition Space and Dining Facility in a space reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Great Workroom in the Administration Building. Light filters into the pavilion via skylights that illuminate the steel-woven columns, a deliberate inversion of the columns in Frank Lloyd Wright’s design.